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Searchmetrics Holiday Special – 7 days of Full access to Searchmetrics Essentials Data

Full access to Searchmetrics Essentials for all free registered users and customers!

Although I love spending time with my two kids and my wife during the holidays, I’m not really a Christmas fan. Instead of celebrating in the age old traditions of eating, drinking, eating, sleeping and eating,  I prefer to create things and come up with creative ideas. If you’re like me and not too far away from your computer this holiday season, I think you will like the special present that Searchmetrics has for you.

That’s why I got a cool idea. This year you don’t need to “train” unnecessary kilograms, you can analyze your projects, find new ideas and keywords, create reports with cool data and think about the past and prepare the New Year.

And to do that you need the right SEO tool, that’s why I have a present for you. Every registered Searchmetrics Essentials user will get full access from December 24th to December 31th for Essentials SEO+SEM and Social.

You will get all features including subdomain and directory analysis to analyze your projects, find new ideas and keywords, and create reports to think about the past and prepare for the New Year. Just register for free!

What do you get?

SEO + SEM Essentials

  • Access to a unique database of 100 million keywords and 70 million domains across 15 countries
  • Fast SEO Visibility data for your site and competitors
  • Universal search integrations
  • Keyword research within the 100 million keywords
  • Most detailed competive analysis based on 100 million longtail keyword set for domains and subdomains (this is absolutely unique worldwide)
  • Individual Visibility for domains, subdomains and directories

Social Essentials

  • Instantly see how visible your brand and competitor brands are on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Delicious and StumbleUpon
  • Assess your most widely shared content down to the exact link being shared
  • For billion of URLs including historical data
  • Analyze the correlation between your Social and SEO Visibility
  • See the impact of your current social media campaigns with historical social data
  • Linkbuilding will be enhanced by likebuilding and we have the most comprehensive data for URLs which are liked and shared most

So, make your holidays to an SEO and Social days. There is no catch and we don’t need any billing or other sensitive information from you.

If you’re already a customer or registered, then just login and get started. If you don’t have a login, now is the  best time to signup free for Searchmetrics Essentials!

This is the perfect time to look at this year performance and get some ideas for next year.

Have a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!
Marcus and the Searchmetrics team

Btw: Take a look at the most shared URLs of fun sites in the Social Essentials. It’s awesome and much better than any bookmark collection. E.g. Especially 🙂