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Inside the Making of Searchmetrics Visibility Guard



Here at Searchmetrics, we spend a lot of time listening to customers – gathering feedback to improve features of the service. We’re big fans of agile development, using our beta program to test and drive customer-requested improvements into our software before rolling out to a broader set of customers.

Thanks to the support of both awesome sets of users, Searchmetrics Visibility Guard recently went live after a beta release last fall. It offers uncompromising error-alerts and reporting for your mission-critical web pages.

More important, it’s a clear example of taking to heart all the things you tell us could use a tweak or two to better meet your needs. For instance, our smorgasbord of error alerts made many of you happy, but some wanted the ability (since added) to select and receive only those error alerts that are most important to your current business needs.

Over the few months since the initial beta release, we also added the ability to manually add URLs subject to crawls, helping save time and money for companies that only want to monitor a specific set of pages.

And there are more ways to get alerts. We added through Hipchat and Slack real-time messaging or email to alert users to problems found during a scheduled crawl. It’s a critical step in staying ahead of search engines before they punch back with penalties against preventable errors.

“If we didn’t have the Visibility Guard, we’d want to build it. I’m just glad Searchmetrics did,” said Matt Lindsey, director of product management at

I won’t rehash all the other features of Visibility Guard; if you’d like more information check it out online, see the previous blog, or request a demo.

Again, a big thank you to all of our customers for providing insights that help make our products better.  Have you used Visibility Guard and have a great story? Tell us about it below.