This year, we’ve been talking a lot about niche ranking factors, with Searchmetrics Founder, Marcus Tober, holding talks at numerous SEO conferences, and our whitepaper in October examining in detail this new way of analyzing Google ranking data by focusing on specific topical niches. Following on from our webinar, “Into the Niche and Beyond”, this […]

December 13th, 2018 | Analysis No comments

Continuous learning, iterating and testing, as well as the ambition to keep up with the ever-changing world of digital marketing is what defines a true Digital Expert. To show our commitment to these goals and to encourage information sharing within the industry, we brought the Searchmetrics Digital Expert Week into being. Kicking off in and […]

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Google has opened up its shopping ads to external providers and there is greatly increased competition for product ads. Around one third of ads in the British, German and French search results are provided by external services, Searchmetrics’ 2018 Google Shopping Study reveals. However, traditional product and price comparison portals are hardly found in these […]

December 5th, 2018 | Analysis No comments

With the year 2018 coming to a close, it’s time to recall the past, recap the highlights and look into the future. For this article, we have asked international industry experts to share their assessment of the latest digital marketing developments and reveal what’s on their personal wishlist for 2019. In addition, a lot of […]

December 4th, 2018 | General 1 comment

There aren’t many companies that are still completely resisting digital transformation. Because any that are probably went extinct a while ago. But this doesn’t mean all companies have worked out what it takes to successfully transition their activities online. In this article, I want to run down seven ways companies get their digital transformation wrong […]

The holiday season sees marketing departments everywhere investing heavily in paid advertising, both on- and offline, as they compete for shoppers’ attention. However, as finding the perfect gift usually means doing a lot of online research, prominence in organic search in December is essential for retailers looking to make a success of their holiday season. […]

November 22nd, 2018 | Analysis 3 comments

Update November 13th, 2018: According to official Google Page Speed Insights Release Notes, Google Lighthouse Data is now used as the analysis engine to determine a website’s page speed performance. Lighthouse can also be used to investigate the overall performance of a website and explore individual ranking factors. What is behind Google Lighthouse Data, how do […]

November 13th, 2018 | Pulse 4 comments

For online retailers, getting your holiday season right is about a lot more than finding the right Turbo Man figure and avoiding a last-minute fight at the checkouts. Kicking off on Black Friday and running through December and into the new year, the holiday season can make or break your yearly targets and have a […]

If you think emotions aren’t important when writing texts, you’re wrong: Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook are increasingly turning to emotional, multi-dimensional communication and creating new standards in user experience. Linguistic approaches, particularly at a pragmatic level, play a key role in shaping modern digital communication. Users are looking for information, but language doesn’t just […]

October 30th, 2018 | General 3 comments

A guest article by Gidon Wagner, – Let’s face it, content marketing can be a frightening business. It’s often hard to measure how much your earned media content reaches and resonates with targeted audiences. Any little slip-up can make you a member of the walking dead. For Halloween, we’re serving up a few tips […]

October 25th, 2018 | General 1 comment
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