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Facts concerning Universal Search and other integrations

Fact check: How many news results are there in a news onebox? Do shopping oneboxes also appear on the second page of Google search results? And how often do sitelinks appear? As you know, at Searchmetrics we like to dig deep into the data, and from the depths this week we have brought out two tables with extremely interesting and sometimes surprising results.

Integrations in details

First we will take a look at a detailed view of Universal Search integrations in the SERPs. In this table you can find the maps, news, shopping results, videos, images and so on for each search results page. Besides this, there are other less common integrations like Transit and Scholar (yes, they exist in Germany too) together with Adwords ads.

This data analysis is made possible by the fact that here at Searchmetrics, we track the first ten Google results pages for around 100 million keywords each month. From there we separate individual sectors, such as organic results and AdWords, and we can also identify individual Universal Search integrations, of which there are now many.

Since subsequent pages are only conditionally of interest for optimization efforts, we have long wondered just how many video, image or shopping ad integrations are included in the first page of Google results.

The first surprise we got was for advertisements. There are now more ads above the search results than next to them, obviously because they generate higher turnover. The distribution of videos and images on lower pages is also interesting.  While the chances of nudging images higher in search results decrease significantly, there are still plenty of videos in the later results pages.

For example, 28% of all search video integrations are on the first search results page while 30% of all searches have them on the second page.
This is what our results looks like in the end, covering the distribution of Universal Search integrations on the first 10 Google results pages:

Click to enlarge

If you noticed the figure of ‘almost 60%’ next to the result from video integrations from the last Universal Search post, then you need to know that the other analysis is based on our longtail keyword set with more than 10 mio keywords, the current analysis is based on our smaller keywordset with only shorttail keywords.

Btw, did you notice, that news results only appear on the first page. But why is that the case?

How many images per integration?

In the second table you can see another source of important SEO intelligence – the average number of media featured in each integration. For example, when there are image integrations for Universal Search, an average of 4.9 images are displayed on the first page.

Click to enlarge

Yes, it’s true. Not all search results pages display ten results! It is also interesting to note that Google News actually only displays 1.1 links on average. This is intriguing because you mostly see a big integration with lots of links, but when the news onebox is right at the bottom of results, there is almost always only one link.

Everyone can probably take their own lesson from both of these graphs. In any case, they are an extremely useful fact check and addition to SEO knowledge that you can of course use and distribute yourself.