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More detailed than ever before: analyze Subdomain longtails + new Export Center

Searchmetrics Essentials lets you dissect subdomains even more precisely and effectively.

Right from the start, you can now choose to display the visibility of directories and subdomains, as well as that of domains Now, for the first time, you can analyze subdomain comparisons, while continuing to utilize the tips and tools that you have come to expect from Searchmetrics.  This quick weekly visibility overview is available right now! On a monthly basis, Searchmetrics also provides an even more granular longtail analysis, which leverages the full spectrum of our analytics capabilities. You can easily recognize which of these data offerings are being displayed via the small calendar icons in the upper right-hand corner of each chart or table.

Four different job directories on Spiegel Online subdomains
Four different job directories on Spiegel Online subdomains

Using our longtail data, we can see exactly what efforts Spiegel Online has made to shake up the job listings market.  I found no less than four subdomains with different job markets, none of which would be possible without the longtail analysis.

Many applications

This robust longtail data provides a massive advantage if something like a blog cannot be found and analyzed on a main domain, or if landing pages are used with subpages for particular topics on subdomains. In addition, a detailed longtail analysis of subdomains can also be useful for a clean separation of languages versions or site localizations.
Up until now, anyone looking for a detailed visibility analysis of Apple’s iTunes site had to get by with an Excel download and subsequent sorting functions. Now you can get all this data with a single click.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Biggest winners from these new changes:Operators of blogs on community platforms such as or The longtail data is the natural arena of most ordinary blogs. In the past, this has also meant that WordPress authors have not bothered to explore the vast potential of search analytics. There is really no other way to conduct optimal keyword discovery for keywords for which you already rank, and you may find that you only need a little nudge to land at the top of the SERPs. On a domain level, your blog is normally swamped by the monolith – now, however, you have can have all these threshold keywords right at your fingertips!

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge


People like this poker fan in the image on the right can now learn that their Zynga-poker-iPhone-subpage already ranks highly for ‘poker for phones’ (referring here to the German language example) Now you just need to do something with it…



Other examples















More depth, more details
Longtail subdomain analysis can be found in Searchmetrics Essentials in the Ranking Feature of the subdomain analysis. You can enter any subdomain here.

New export: simpler and more efficient

Here you can find the  Export Center...
Here you can find the Export Center…

In yet another new feature for Searchmetrics Essentials, data export has been powerfully upgraded. In the future, data for export will be processed in the background and then made available in a purpose-built Export Center. One of the biggest advantages here is that you can continue to work without having to wait for all of the complex calculations to be completed. Just let the Searchmetrics server continue to work through your analysis while you continue with what you were doing.


... and export everything here.

Your data, once compiled, can be found in the Export Center and will be available to download as many times as you like over the next four weeks, just like in Searchmetrics Suite. Unlike Searchmetrics Suite however, there is a small notification window when the exported data is ready for collection.




Exports could not be simpler, right? We hope you agree, and we look forward to hearing what you think about our newest updates!