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Mobile Research Release: Your “mobile-friendly” Solution – Searchmetrics Suite


Is Mobile user-friendliness a problem? Not with Searchmetrics. From now on users of the Suite can separately analyze mobile performance with new and extended features – ad hoc for more than 100 million domains – and actively implement mobile market strategies. Here’s an overview of the new features.

Mobile Release - Searchmetrics

Your website is viewed on various devices, including tablets and smartphones. Google searches on mobile devices are rapidly rising, and mobile search results already significantly vary today from any results that users see in desktop searches. Google has reacted by stating it will increase mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor starting April 21, 2015.


Mobile Insights – how Searchmetrics Suite can help

Do you know how your website, or those of your competitors, perform in mobile searches? Are you aware of potential ranking differences between desktop and mobile, as well as possible problems and potentials?

Searchmetrics Suite - Mobile Research section

Searchmetrics is the only provider in the world that can show you whether you are currently being affected (or were in the past) by specific mobile developments such as the Mobile-Friendly Update – and provide actionable insights and recommendations to help you optimize for Mobile SEO and Mobile Content. Here are five features for your Mobile insights:


  1. Historical Mobile SEO Visibility
  2. Mobile Rankings (+ winners/losers)


Extended: Mobile Content Optimization

Tip: Mobile Site Structure Optimization

Learn More About Mobile Research Here

NEW: Mobile Research in the Searchmetrics Suite

In addition to the Mobile vs. Desktop KPI, with which Visibility discrepancies can be identified at a glance, there is now our own mobile area in the research section of the Suite for deeper analyses. It has ad-hoc data for more than 100 million domains.

Historical Desktop vs Mobile Visibility - Searchmetrics Suite

Here you can find the structure familiar from organic rankings: SEO Visibility Chart and the table with keyword/URL rankings – NEW: with mobile KPIs.


1. Historical Mobile SEO Visibility

In the overview diagram with the SEO Visibility curves, the data of your Mobile Visibility can be directly compared to desktop in the chart.

This is a big benefit because you can see at a glance whether you are affected by the Google Mobile Update! You can figure out how potential influences have an effect on mobile vs. desktop. Is just one area affected, or several? You can find out here.


2. Desktop vs. Mobile Rankings

In the table with the organic rankings you can directly compare the performance of domains on a keyword or URL level. Plus,we’ve integrated a mobile list of winners/losers for trend analyses. As an example, these are the organic Desktop vs. Mobile Rankings for

Desktop vs Mobile Rankings - Searchmetrics Suite

This is a benefit because you can identify precise ranking differences depending on device. In the image above, for you can see the difference for the keywords “rite aid pharmacy locations” or “rite aid photo.”

Is a page positioned in the top 10 for desktop with a keyword, but worse or perhaps not at all for mobile? With this information – as well as with the help of winners/losers – you can expose problems or find new strategies – and using the analysis of specific keywords and URLs directly compare device-specific data with one another.


From Specific Research to Purposeful Projects

With these new features and data on Mobile Research you have all the knowledge you need for starting special mobile optimizations in the project section of the Searchmetrics Suite. Overall, you have 485 combinations of search engines and cities worldwide available for individual analyses of mobile and local performance. The settings in the project wizard can also be used for all following project-based analyses like Content Optimization, which we have also improved, or Site Structure Optimization.


Mobile Content Optimization Extended

Search intentions and the demand for content are different for mobile than they are for desktop. In addition to the new mobile features in the Suite we have improved Content Optimization with even more accurate crawling technology in order to make your content fit for mobile.

Content Optimization Search Engine Options - Searchmetrics Suite

If you have selected mobile campaigns for your domain(s) in the project area of the Suite via selection of the search machines (selectable for desktop, tablet, smartphone), you can create device-specific content using Content Optimization – and thereby specifically approach, solve and implement the problems/opportunities identified in Mobile Research.


Tip: Crawl Your Site With Mobile User Agents

You likely do not have the time to regularly call up each and every one of your URLs on your smartphone and check them for mobile suitability. Let our crawler do that for you. Using our crawler is that you can check your site for errors and improvement potential via our Site Structure Optimization. And, of course, not just for desktop, but also via the option of iOS or Android as user agents for checking your mobile performance for various operating systems. This allows you to eliminate errors and optimize your domain(s) across all devices.


Fit for Mobile – Insights Like Nobody Else With the Suite

With the new and improved mobile features by Searchmetrics you are ready for the mobile future. From the identification of mobile vs. desktop problems and opportunities in Mobile Research via the device-specific optimization of content, to the technical alignment of your site structure for desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc, the Searchmetrics Suite is the only solution in the world with which you can map your complete workflow using the world’s largest database, even for mobile.

Learn More About Mobile Research Here

Do you have questions, queries or feedback on our features? We are happy to read your opinion in the comments!