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Who Wins the World Series in the World of SEO?

It’s top of the 9th, with two outs and two men on base. Who will win the World Series? There’s plenty of odds-makers out there who might give a betting man or woman a chance at predicting just that. Here at Searchmetrics, we think of numbers in a different way. Our team of intrepid writers and data scientists wondered who might win based on such things as Mobile Visibility, Site Optimization, Social Shares and Keyword Rankings.

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The World Series in the World of SEO

What does any of these top SEO terms have to do with batting averages, RBIs and home runs allowed? You tell us. We wondered (in advance of an outcome) whether a team’s popularity, prowess at search engine optimization and search volume have any correlation with winning. Our postseason bracket confidently predicts the Cubbies will best the Yankees in six games if the world of SEO has anything to say about it. Take a look at our postseason picture to understand why.

The Big Picture