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SEO World Rankings 2020

Searchmetrics’ SEO World Rankings 2020 infographic presents the leading domains in 16 countries and their performance over the course of a whole year. Who’s going up and who’s going down? Which household names continue to dominate and which new challengers are emerging? However Google tweaks its algorithm, organic search remains a precisely measurable game with winners, losers and an ever-changing competitive landscape, unique to each national market. Our SEO World Rankings capture the current situation and reveal the trends of the last 12 months.

All the data in this infographic is sourced from the Searchmetrics Research Cloud. If you’d like access to the latest data for 30 countries, why not request a free software demo today?

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SEO World Rankings 2020: Methodology

As in previous years, this year’s Seachmetrics SEO World Rankings are constructed around one primary KPI: SEO Visibility. This metric combines data from several search factors, including a website’s organic search engine rankings and search volume of ranking keywords, giving us a single number that expresses the search engine performance of a website. Focusing on this single metric makes it possible for us to compare domains with one another, and assess upward and downward trends.

New decade, new design, new data

The most obvious change to this year’s infographic is that we’ve completely overhauled the design in line with our new brand identity. But that’s not all. We’ve also added more countries and more data to give you a wider overview of the State of Search around the globe. New features include:

  • Global champions top ten: We now show the top 10 websites in the world that are amongst the largest in several countries.
  • More global coverage: Data now provided for 16 countries, up from 10, with Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and India added.
  • Yearly trends: For every website, we’ve included whether its SEO Visibility went up or down over the course of the year.
  • Rising Stars: We have selected one website in each country that isn’t among the biggest players (yet), but that has been making significant moves up the rankings.
  • And of course, the new layout makes the data more accessible and helps to highlight the key information better.

SEO World Rankings 2020: The Infographic

You can expand the infographic below to explore the data in more depth. Which search stories will you discover?


How the search landscape has changed

This is the fourth time we’ve published our Searchmetrics SEO World Rankings infographic. If you’d like to see what’s changed over the years – and what’s stayed the same – you can view previous infographics here:

While the infographics take a step back to look at the yearly trends – the World Rankings section of Searchmetrics Research Cloud provides latest data on winners, losers and top domains for 30 countries, on desktop and mobile. You can sign up for a free software demo here:

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