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Searchmetrics VIP Party, New York (plus new Essentials screenshots)

I have another quick post for you all. We have just finished presenting our new Searchmetrics Essentials software (which includes modules for monitoring search and social media marketing) in London, Paris and New York, before going live at  DMEXCO  in Cologne. For SMX New York we threw a VIP party in Manhattan to celebrate the occasion and surprise a select group of hand-picked guests with a presentation of some of the features from our release.

Around 100 guests joined us at the Roger Smith Hotel for the demo and celebration.  And as the Roger Smith Hotel is the first New York hotel to establish itself exclusively through the use of social media marketing, it seemed a more than fitting venue.

The Hotel has a lovely roof terrace, the perfect place to party between Manhattan’s towering skyscrapers – and party we did.

Once the DJ got things started, the drinks and conversation were flowing among a lively crowd who were keen to talk – and not just about business.  People made new connections and cemented old ones, an inevitable result of putting a group of international specialists together on a New York rooftop for a night.

Here are a few more photos from our gathering in NYC:


Searchmetrics Essentials Highlights

I used a short presentation to show a few of the highlights from our new Essentials software. I could talk about the hundreds of cool little features but you can get a better picture for yourself here by taking the product for a test-run.

However, there a few little things that I would like to show you, starting with  the data we’ve gathered about the Panda Updates. Websites like  survived the first two updates unscathed, only to be wiped out in the third wave of Google changes. The good news for Panda-victims? Looking at changes in SEO visibility we can see that have actually found a way out (direct link to the report) of the Panda Update mess.

Another exciting development is the expansion of our SERPs spread to cover changes over time. Until now, ranking distribution for the various Google results pages were only ever snapshots. But they really start to mean something when you look at them spread over time. Now you can track not only gains and losses but also penalties. One of my favorite examples is JCPenney, which was heavily penalized by Google (direct link to report) at the end of February:

You can see that almost all the rankings from the first or second page of Google results lost up to 50 positions. There is really no better way to show a 50+ position penalty, is there?

And then, of course, we have our latest feature – Social. I have a screenshot from this module as well. What do you think is the most referenced fanpage (after Facebook’s own page, of course) on Facebook? Any idea? Zynga’s Poker app (direct link to report):

 It has already received nearly 50 million likes. WOW!

Want to try it out on your own site or your competitors’? Not a problem.

Why not test-drive the Searchmetrics Essentials.