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I feel good! Because I can plan and measure success – a look back at the 2019 DMEXCO

It’s important to feel good. That’s why we made sure there was plenty to do at our DMEXCO stand in Cologne, Germany, on 11th and 12th September 2019: Prizes to be won, cocktails to be drunk and exciting demos to get a hands-on look at the new Searchmetrics Suite. But feeling good isn’t enough – without planning, the largest digital fair in Europe wouldn’t have come to much, and plannable actions are a key issue for all digital marketers. But which other trends were buzzing around the fair in Cologne? In this post, we’ve put together our thoughts, impressions and highlights from the 2019 DMEXCO!

Did you miss the 2019 DMEXCO? Don’t worry – you can arrange a software demo today and get your personal look at the new Searchmetrics Suite:

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The Searchmetrics Team ready the big event. Not long now…

The motto of this year’s edition of Europe’s largest digital trade fair was “Trust in You!” For us, this means listening to you – our users, and responding to your needs and reflecting this in our software. This is the approach we took to the development of our new Searchmetrics Suite, meaning that we were able to present a platform at the 2019 DMEXCO that addresses many of our customers’ business problems. Probably not all 41,000 fair visitors came to our stand, but we did manage to have engaging conversations with more than 250 people, and enjoyed countless interesting discussions with digital marketing industry experts.



Everything else is just Alt.*

The Searchmetrics Suite, with its seamless integration of all data and features from the Search Experience, Research Cloud, Content Experience and Site Experience – all in one single platform – raises the bar in terms of user experience and functionality.

*Alt (literally German: “old”) is a beer popular in Düsseldorf, which has a traditional rivalry with DMEXCO’s host city, Cologne. The stand slogan emphasized the new features of our software, whilst showing our support for the local (clearly superior) beer “Kölsch”.

A few highlights that DMEXCO visitors were able to try out at our stand:

  • More conversions with search intent: Searchmetrics identifies the search intent for every keyword and supports companies in increasing their conversions, as Searchmetrics is able to provide recommendations for the creation of successful content that is tailored to its target audience’s needs
  • More traffic with SERP Features: Searchmetrics analyzes and identifies important SERP Features. This enables companies to see what is relevant in their market, generate traffic and optimize their SEO performance.
  • More transparency by measuring success: Searchmetrics’ hierarchical tagging makes it possible to categorize reports into market segments, product categories or specific products, providing a highly detailed keyword performance analysis. Businesses get all the data they need within the Suite.
  • More insights with live content audits: The creation of effective content based on real-time analysis that compares your draft copy with the online content that is currently performing best for your chosen topics.

Our team was on-site from the early morning to late in the evening, demonstrating the advantages and applications of these features. Malte Landwehr, VP Product at Searchmetrics, also used his talk to underline the importance of a solid data foundation for effective decision-making.


Our Chief Operating Officer, Britta Mühlenberg, also held a daily presentation, in which she introduced the company Searchmetrics. You can watch the mood video here:


DIE NEUE SEARCHMETRICS SUITE. Alles andere ist Alt. #KÖLSCH #DMEXCO19 #SEARCHMETRICS #seo #content #marketing

Posted by Searchmetrics on Thursday, September 12, 2019


In the beginning was the Word. Not long after there was Data.

This year, we wanted to live up to our data-driven principles in our branding concept. Before even entering the fair hall, visitors could see that the word “Banner” has a number tied to it: 17,327 – that’s how many Google users (in Germany) search for this word every month: No words without data.


Even the outfits our indefatigable stand staff gave visitors a small insight into our data. While waiting for a “Juicy Content“ or „Searchirinha“ cocktail, people learned that 76,404 people in Germany google the word “T-Shirt” every month.


DMEXCO trends for 2019 and views on the new Suite

Besides ourselves, there were, according to the fair organizers, approximately 999 other exhibitors at the 2019 DMEXCO. SEO and Content are obviously the most important digital marketing topics, but there were other trends capturing people’s imagination this year. Here are a few views, including some opinions on the Searchmetrics Suite, that we gathered from the floor:

  • “I think that 2020 will be the Year of Tik-Tok. Tik-Tok are here but I think that many people don’t have Tik-Tok on their radar yet.” – Thomas Knüwer, Partner at kpunktnull
  • “For me, the biggest trend this year will be seeing how the digital marketing industry tackles the subject of sustainability – and how they incorporate this into their operations.” – Fabian Lahl, Manager of Product Marketing at Productsup
  • “I like the way the new Searchmetrics Suite is so self-explanatory. I can easily show it to colleagues and we can all work with it. We use the data and the API a lot – both quick analyses and more complex data integrations are highly valuable.” – Maike Schultze-Rhonhof, Senior SEO Manager, Axa
  • “The Searchmetrics Suite is the most user-friendly Search and Content platform that I have worked with.” – Bert Winterfeld, Team Lead Marketing, Newsletter2Go

furch-mit-kaffee-400“The Searchmetrics Suite is the limousine of software platforms in the Search and Content space. With the insights available from its comprehensive data, it gives online marketers the perfect basis for their decisions.” – Daniel Furch, Head of Enterprise Marketing, uberall

From data to insights to strategy

One major challenge facing online marketing teams, even once they’ve recognized the importance of data, remains working out effective measures to take based on this data. In his presentation, “From Data to Insights to Strategy”, Michael Dziewior, Team Lead Content Services, explained how to gain understanding from data and how to use this understanding to develop a strategy. And not just for search and content activities – but for the entire range of corporate communication.


One core focus of the presentation was search intent data. Searchmetrics’ data science models determine the search intent of keywords and provide insights into what users need that can be used as the basis for content and other marketing measures.

Cost-benefit analysis of the 2019 DMEXCO

As data and reporting enthusiasts, we’ve summarized a few KPIs for you in the following input-output report:


  • 27 staff
  • 12 hours per day
  • 2 days on site
  • Total of 648 hours in action.

Outputs (precise quantities are a business secret):

  • Blood
  • Sweat
  • Tears.

Thank you and till next year!

Most of all, we were happy to have so many interesting discussions with customers and other interesting conversation partners. The whole Searchmetrics team would like to say a big “thank-you” and a “till-next-time” to all visitors who made the 2019 DMEXCO such a success. We’re a little tired, but we’re extremely happy to have met so many people, and we’re looking forward to our continued dialogue and cooperation. Looking forward to seeing you soon – if not before then at the very latest we should meet up back on the banks of the Rhine in 2020. See you there!

Did you miss the 2019 DMEXCO? Don’t worry – you can arrange a software demo today and get your personal look at the new Searchmetrics Suite:

Request a Demo!