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Searchmetrics Essentials = Research | Suite = Individual Projects + Research

Many months we worked hard to define our two product lines. In the past it wasn’t clear what I get with Searchmetrics Essentials and what with Searchmetrics Suite. In addition we had several options to “pimp up” the software. Also for me it wasn’t easy to explain what is what.

Searchmetrics Essentials = Research only

Searchmetrics Essentials = Research

From now the Searchmetrics Essentials are a Research only product. The three different modules which cost each $99 before are combined in one Research product now. That means that in this product you’ll find SEO, PPC, Links and Social analysis altogether. It is easier to understand and easier to use. Worldwide there is no other software that gives you this easy and comprehensive entry in the SEO world. We also thought about a good pricing for a very long time. The price is important because it must be a no-brainer that has no touch of cheapness. We deliver an awesome value and we want everybody in the world to get easy access to Searchmetrics data. If you start working and if you need individual and Enterprise like features than you have to switch to our Suite.

You get the new Essentials for $69 a month and it includes all modules. This is crazy and it is no special offer that will change in the future. You can order the Essentials in our online shop only.

The difference between the “old” and the new Essentials are the choice of 3 out of 18 countries for SEO and PPC Research and the access to the current data. If you need all countries or historical data for the past years with every information also around Panda, Penguin etc. you’ll have to switch to the Suite. The good thing is that many Marketers start with their national market and current data. This is perfect for every kind of analysis. And you also get all backlinks and social links. If you then need individual projects, access for more team members, more data = Suite.

Searchmetrics Suite = Individual local, national and international projects + all Research options

Searchmetrics Suite Versions

The differentiation of the Suite to the Essentials is important to us. The Suite is our flag ship with many awesome national and international well-known brands. It is the perfect software for SEO and/or Social projects. But also for the Suite we differentiate our target groups. For example it makes no sense to sell a national only customer software which is capable of monitoring data in 124 countries in the world or selling an API which will never be used. Since December we thought about a reasonable product lineup and pricing. You’ll find what we think fits every need on our new designed homepage.

The Suite packages differentiate in number of users, projects, keyword queries, number of countries, analytics and conversion integrations, historical data, number of API keys, personal workshops etc.

In no case we wanted to have an all-in-one device suitable for every purpose. This makes no sense and this is not Searchmetrics. For us it is important what customers really need  brought together with our ideas. Feature-Fuc***g is out. Today it is more important to take out the complexity and to solve problems as easy as possible. Successful companies like Evernote, Basecamp, Whats App, Dropbox or even Google do things easy. It’s about doing the things right and doing the right things. We believe that we absolutely do that with our two product lines. You can start with the Suite Starter with 3 projects for a reasonable price of $399 / month and upgrade to Enterprise level with hundreds of projects, user accounts, API and third party data integration with the Suite Ultimate.

We’re an innovator in our industry since 2007. We are an ideal for many companies. I’m sure that you’ll like this new approach with Research only and project based SEO software. Your feedback is absolutely welcome.

Your Marcus