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Google July 2022 Product Reviews Update

On July 27, Google announced the rollout of the July 2022 Product Reviews Update. According to Google, its completion would take two to three weeks.

On August 2, 2022, Google announced that the rollout was complete. It was entered on the (quite new) overview page regarding the updates confirmed so far:

There’s been four product page updates, to date. Google Search Central has provided creator advice for producing quality content.

So far, Google confirmed the update only affects reviews published in English. However, this is independent of the country in which they were written:

As already announced in the December update, Google wants to rank extensively researched product reviews in a better position. Like all updates, this one should help improve search results and provide creators with even better rankings.

Websites that focus on product reviews are most likely to be affected by these, now regular, product review updates. Conventional product comparison sites and affiliate sites may also be impacted. Traditional eCommerce sites will probably not see any impact from these updates.

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Boris Wartenberg

Boris Wartenberg

Boris Wartenberg is an SEO specialist at Searchmetrics responsible for technical and content-related search engine optimization. He has worked in online marketing since 2006 after completing his studies in marketing with a focus on sports and sponsorship. Having worked in content marketing and search engine optimization both agency and client side, Boris has overseen performance marketing for B2B and B2C clients, held several positions as an in-house SEO as well as having worked with well-known international clients such as Mercedes-Benz and Roche Pharma. He has evolved from a generalist into a specialist and is very passionate about all things SEO.

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