Weekly SEO Movers & Shakers in the US – Week 49

Here’s the weekly scores from the Weekly Overview section of our Searchmetrics Suite.

This week I’ll be showing winners & losers by performance index score (what we call absolute) and, also, by percentage.

What’s the difference?

Winners & Losers Absolute:

We check our multi-terabyte database for the highest increase, or decrease in the performance index by score.

Winners & Losers Percentage:

Displays the highest increase of performance index by percentage, e.g. on Week 48, for Jobsyndicates.com, the Performance Index was 1, and increase to 218 on week 48, which is a 21,700% increase.

As there’s 4 really long screenshots of the leaderboards, I’m only showing the top 20. Please click here to view the full 100.

First up we have the winners absolute where Amazon has moved into first place with a whopping 533,991 increase in the performance index score. People are obviously flocking there for their Christmas shopping. I know that I am!

Winners Absolute KW 49












Now the weekly losers absolute with MySpace.com in first position with a staggering decrease of nearly a million points.

Losers Absolute KW49












The weekly winners & losers by percentage.

Winners Percent Week 49













Losers Percent Week 49













See you next week!

Alexander Lunt

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