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Weekly SEO Movers & Shakers in the US – Week 49

Here’s the weekly scores from the Weekly Overview section of our Searchmetrics Suite.

This week I’ll be showing winners & losers by performance index score (what we call absolute) and, also, by percentage.

What’s the difference?

Winners & Losers Absolute:

We check our multi-terabyte database for the highest increase, or decrease in the performance index by score.

Winners & Losers Percentage:

Displays the highest increase of performance index by percentage, e.g. on Week 48, for, the Performance Index was 1, and increase to 218 on week 48, which is a 21,700% increase.

As there’s 4 really long screenshots of the leaderboards, I’m only showing the top 20.

First up we have the winners absolute where Amazon has moved into first place with a whopping 533,991 increase in the performance index score. People are obviously flocking there for their Christmas shopping. I know that I am!

Winners Absolute KW 49












Now the weekly losers absolute with in first position with a staggering decrease of nearly a million points.

Losers Absolute KW49












The weekly winners & losers by percentage.

Winners Percent Week 49













Losers Percent Week 49













See you next week!

Alexander Lunt