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  1. Rojer Martin

    More product listing ads are displayed rather than text ads. More news, videos are coming in Google universal search results.

  2. Brad Haws

    When I read between the lines of the above data it just screams that Google is making a blatant play to line it’s pockets. You can’t blame a company for doing that, however in the past they where more cautious about how they manipulated the algorithm to benefit themselves. The changes could be viewed as an attempt to generate a better search result for the ultimate end use of the Google search engine. While at the same time frustrating businesses to the point that they where willing to pay for adwords campaigns. This change out right benefits Youtube and Google shopping. I guess they are feeling more comfortable in their #1 ranking position.

  3. Dennis

    I have to agree with Brad. You can’t blame a company, which are taking advantage of own product. Google wants to grow as much as any other company, why shouldn’t they take advantage their product to make Google Shopping.

  4. Henry Huang

    It was only a matter of time before Google started to make PLAs more prominent. Advertisers are still willing to pay a premium to take up more real estate on the SERP. I’d be interested to see where Google will take video products on the SERP.

  5. Luciano Bellacci

    Great article. Thx for inputs!

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