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Stop! Don’t Fire Your Agency! – Glenn Welham // Searchmetrics


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he kicks off Agency Week with Searchmetrics’ Senior Account Executive Glenn Welham discussing why you should, or shouldn’t, fire your SEO agency during the pandemic. Welham examines the current state of the marketing landscape for agencies in 2020, weighing the impact of the coronavirus.

Maintaining value proposition is critical for agencies as they need to distinguish themselves during a competitive time and have empathy for struggling brands. Agencies need to position themselves in a place of leadership, showing clients they understand the current challenges and prove they’ve effectively handled them. 

Performance marketing budgets were among the first to be slashed at the onset of the pandemic, resulting in the inevitable termination of agency partnerships. Yet the need to become more visible online as brick-and-mortar locations closed became more important than ever, shifting to an increase in agency demand.

When determining to keep, fire or rehire an agency, it’s critical to have ROI conversations first to justify the right course of action. Also, different types of agencies can better suit your growth strategies. Instead of just ending an agency partnership, consider a supplemental replacement that can benefit your overall growth strategy and guarantee positive ROI.