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Smart Reporting: Create Role Specific Reports in Seconds

Good, insightful reports are essential to online business. Depending on the user the KPIs that need to be integrated are different: A CMO needs a high level overview, whereas a SEO needs a detailed report. What sounds easy is often very difficult in practice – and time consuming.

Dashboard Templates


If you have experience creating reports you are probably very familiar with the following questions:

  1. Which insights are relevant for which user groups?
  2. How can suitable reports be efficiently created?

To answer these questions and to simplify your work with the Searchmetrics Suite we have completely redesigned our report creation module and integrated your feedback. Now quick creation, adjustment and management of your dashboards is possible across all user groups. Please welcome, Smart Reporting.

Typical roles in online marketing, their needs and goals

In order to produce and adjust reports for different target groups, we have created dashboard templates, meaning that with relatively little effort you can create and tailor your reports. These templates have been developed with your concrete goals in mind and can reduce your report creation time by up to 90%.

  •  CMO: A Chief Marketing Officer typically requires a ‘helicopter’ view of websites: How is a site performing in search compared to competitors; the dashboard CMO template offers a high level overview of search performance of one of several domains and their competitors – the market share in organic share. Also included is a comparison of organic vs paid search traffic channels.
  •  SEO team lead: leading a SEO team or working in a SEO agency requires an overview of organic ranking performance of a domain. The reporting for this user role also integrates a comparison of organic vs paid search traffic channels – important for an SEO team leads so they can demonstrate the value of their work.
  •  Performance marketer: To investigate the online performance of customer engagement and of traffic & conversions the template for performance marketers contains data for paid ranking performance. Also here there is the comparison between organic and paid performance.
  •  Agency: There are two main use cases: firstly, to prepare pitches for future customers reports are necessary that – by using the Searchmetrics Research Cloud – offer immediate insights into unknown domains. At the same time, agencies need to produce, manage and adjust reports for existing customers. Smart Reporting offers quick and effective customizations.
  • Country manager: the country manager template focuses on the country specific performance of a domain. This dashboard template offers a high level overview at a country level of all relevant KPIs – including social performance.
  • Content marketer: How well is a content piece performing? Which pages have the most optimization potential? Dashboard templates for reports that offer content performance and offer page insights can aid content marketers be more successful.
  •  Site admin: This template allows technical problems with the website to be quickly identified. This is important for site admins who receive this information in this report.

Quick creation and flexible customization help you achieve your goals

Smart Reporting not only helps you to create role specific, insightful reports extremely quickly. It also helps you to conveniently adjust and manage your dashboards.
You can change and customize the title and description of any dashboard module. You can therefore use your own terminology and add helpful comments. This is particularly useful for agencies pitching to new customers or for your next meeting with the management board.

It is now even easier and more convenient to manage dashboards – thanks to filter functions and tag categories. These help you to subdivide your reports into customer groups or use cases, giving you maximum control.

Smart Reporting - Dashboard Templates

Product notes:

Link Optimization and Smart Reporting are exclusively available to holders of Suite Enterprise or Ultimate licenses 2014/15.

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As always we would love to hear your comments or opinions below.