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SEO World Rankings 2019

Every year, Google makes changes to its ranking algorithm and introduces new features to its search engine results pages. These affect the search experience for users around the world and cause websites to either rise up or fall down the rankings. To keep tabs on developments, Searchmetrics publishes its SEO World Rankings each year, which summarize the leading domains and biggest winners in 10 Google indexes from different countries. Analyzing this data lets us see which domains have become permanent fixtures at the top of the rankings, which are making ground and which are on the wane.

SEO World Rankings: The Methodology

All the information within Searchmetrics’ SEO World Rankings is based around our primary metric for measuring the performance of websites in organic search: SEO Visibility. This is compiled from a range of search factors, and expresses in a single number how visible a website is in a search engine’s organic results. This metric has been developed by Searchmetrics to provide a universal index for measuring and comparing the online performance of different domains.

Recap: Who are the reigning champions?

This is the third edition of Searchmetrics SEO World Rankings. For consistency and to make it possible to compare developments year-on-year, we have maintained the methodology, the data and the ten countries we have analyzed. You can find the infographics from the previous years here:

SEO World Rankings 2019: The Infographic

The infographic includes the following information:

  • Global Champions: Top 5 domains worldwide
  • National Champions: Top 10 domains in 10 different countries
  • Big Winners: Top 5 most-improved domains in 10 different countries
  • Category analysis: Breakdown of winning domains by industry.

Additionally, the data is supplemented by selected facts and figures relating to some of the biggest global domains.

Searchmetrics SEO World Rankings 2019

If you want to know how your domain is performing, check it out for free here. Just enter your domain and look at the “SEO rank” to see where it ranks amongst your country’s top domains:

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