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SEO vs PPC: Partners in Crime – Damon Burton // SEO National


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues his conversation with SEO National President Damon Burton to talk about how to best utilize SEO and PPC together. They discuss the common ways they’ve seen marketers combine both methods to leverage their overall marketing strategies.

PPC tools are invaluable in SEO research as it’s a source to identify strong keywords, what anchor text and title tags your competitors are using, and much more. SEO can benefit PPC efforts by improving ad scores through basic methods like improving your website speed, optimizing for mobile or using eye-catching copy.

Small businesses looking to get a head start should focus on PPC efforts first, then build SEO efforts around it after enough data is collected to phase out PPC efforts. Larger business should utilize a healthy mix of both and determine which processes can help inform optimization efforts for the other method.

It’s necessary to strike a happy medium between both and they can be used together or separately in a variety of different situations.