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How to Evaluate SEO Campaign Success


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues SEO Workflow Week with Searchmetrics’ Client Success Manager Cassie Dell to explain the best methods to evaluate your SEO efforts. 

Although it’s tempting to just evaluate certain parts of your data, you need to evaluate data from all sources to gain a complete picture of your strategy’s performance. This includes segmenting and examining all sources from desktop and mobile data sources. 

Most people don’t know that SEO is a slow developing channel with high returns, which makes it difficult to evaluate and demonstrate an SEO strategy’s success. Monthly evaluations of your SEO campaign can clearly illustrate its time to maturity and provide a detailed timeline for evaluation from other departments and higher ups.

Evaluate your campaign against your competitors and yourself from the baselines you created at the beginning of the implementation process.

Cassie Dell

Cassie Dell

Cassie Dell is a Senior Client Success Manager at Searchmetrics with a background in both technical and content SEO. She has more than 7 years of experience in the industry working on projects with varying complexity from on-demand, local news performance to eCommerce gap analysis. Cassie works with enterprise clients to strategize, optimize and produce successful Google results.

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