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Building SEO Feedback Loops


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he concludes SEO Workflow Week with Searchmetrics’ Client Success Manager Cassie Dell to talk about SEO campaign feedback loops. Together they review what you can learn from your campaigns and how to communicate meaningful findings with other teams.

Assigning a confidence grade to the data you receive and review shows other teams how conclusive acquired data is. When assigning a grade ask yourself, “Did we accomplish our goals with our content?” And, “Did we follow technical best practices along the way?” These methods will help you determine exactly how effectively you executed your campaign.

Creating an SEO feedback loop is a vital process for learning your business, setting a strategy, implementing it, evaluating and knowing when to pivot. Understanding the context of your data and knowing how to communicate successes and needed improvements are critical to keeping SEO efforts from being siloed.

Other teams like social and PR will better understand how their goals align with yours and improve cross-functional relationships. Managing resources becomes easier and increases opportunities for more funding to launch high impact campaigns.

Cassie Dell

Cassie Dell

Cassie Dell is a Senior Client Success Manager at Searchmetrics with a background in both technical and content SEO. She has more than 7 years of experience in the industry working on projects with varying complexity from on-demand, local news performance to eCommerce gap analysis. Cassie works with enterprise clients to strategize, optimize and produce successful Google results.

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