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Google’s Antitrust Case


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he speaks with Searchmetrics’ SEO Strategist and Advisor Jordan Koene about Google’s impending antitrust hearing the U.S. government filed against the search giant. Together they discuss the ramifications of the suit and how it impacts the search industry at large.

The suit against Google pertains to its growing influence in and monopoly of the search industry and how its business practices are hindering marketplace competition. The U.S. government is concerned about the exclusivity agreements it formed with companies like LG and Apple, whom it paid the latter an estimated eight to $12 billion to become the default search engine on iOS devices. 

Google took a proactive step to address these concerns to constituents in a blog post to their website, demonstrating how to easily change search engine preferences. They also delved further into exclusivity rights, using several examples of diversity within the search space that they don’t own.

Jordan and Ben came to a join conclusion that elected officials are moreso concerned about the impact companies like Google and Facebook have on popular culture and the public at large. This influence could affect elections, which poses a risk to elected officials’ public standings. Together they agreed that the suit should focus more on consumer protections and how the companies handle user data.

Jordan Koene

Jordan Koene

Previously the CEO of Searchmetrics Inc, Jordan Koene is an Advisor to Searchmetrics, supporting the thought leadership and innovation. Prior to working at Searchmetrics he was the Head of SEO and Content Development at eBay where he led the development of content and technical improvements for the organization. He is an expert in SEO with over 20 year’ experience in the field.

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