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Work with Your Agency During a Crisis – Glenn Welham // Searchmetrics


Episode Overview:

 Join host Ben as he continues Agency Week with Searchmetrics’ Senior Account Executive Glenn Welham discussing how to best work with your agency during a crisis. Together they review how to evaluate your contracted agency and identify the best methods to improve working relationships. 

The most efficient agency partnerships are the ones where agencies are integrated into your organization and not treated as an external, third party. When you begin working with an agency it’s critical to set expectations early and mutually agree on what success looks like for your organization.

Constantly comparing your agency to others isn’t a healthy mindset when working with your agency. Most often any issue you have with your agency can be easily resolved if you evaluate the problem, propose a solution and come to an agreement on what changes need to be implemented for success. If an agency is unable to execute on the insights provided from reports, then it indicates they’re not doing the job they should be and your partnership should be reevaluated.