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The Trouble with Search Research – Tyson Stockton & Alan Turner // Searchmetrics


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues Search Insights Week with Searchmetrics’ VP of Services Tyson Stockton and VP of Sales (Americas) Alan Turner. Together they discuss the difficulties with traditional research in search and how to present it to executive teams.

A leading challenge facing SEOs is how to take search data and translate that information into a format executive teams and other departments can easily understand. The best way to avoid the trappings of SEO-speak is to speak to the data’s impact on the overall business. Speak directly about how the data conveys customer interest, like what categories they’re regularly searching for. 

Avoid getting into the granularity of your data and instead focus on the macro impact the data presents. The ability to show execs how the data is representative of true market demand in the regions and spaces you’re operating in is key to eliminating the difficulty of presenting traditional search data.