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SEO Battles: SEO Vs Direct – Lillian Haase // Searchmetrics


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues SEO Battles Week with Searchmetrics’ Director of European Marketing Lillian Haase discussing SEO and public relations. Together they review where the two overlap and what benefits they stand to gain from working with each.

PR is an organic growth strategy, namely when PR firms, organizations or professionals write about your brand or product. When a significant number of PRs are writing about you, it signals to Google that your brand should rank highly. Backlinking is another essential part where PR and SEO overlap as it serves organic growth and PR relationship building, accomplishing goals in both disciplines.

PR and SEO departments within a company often benefit from sharing content calendars because their organic goals align often. The biggest difficulty the two face is conflicting personalities and KPIs. PR and SEO can accomplish their respective KPIs as long as there’s goal transparency and a collaborative attitude. Collaboration and open communication can work in each other’s favor, achieving KPIs much easier than if they worked solo.