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  • Google Core Update

    December 2020 Google Core Update

    Read our analysis of the December 2020 Google Core Update – winners and losers, what you should do, industries impacted, and free advice for businesses.
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  • SEO Battles: SEO Vs Affiliates

    Compared to PR, affiliate marketing needs to be utilized carefully otherwise it could negatively impact your SEO efforts. When you manage affiliates familiarize them with your brand guidelines to set the direction for how they sell your products on their platform. Without brand alignment your mixed messaging and branding will get lost among your consumers and damage SEO efforts.
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  • SEO Battles: SEO Vs Direct

    PR is an organic growth strategy, namely when PR firms, organizations or professionals write about your brand or product. When a significant number of PRs are writing about you, it signals to Google that your brand should rank highly. Backlinking is another essential part where PR and SEO overlap as it serves organic growth and PR relationship building, accomplishing goals in both disciplines.
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  • SEO Battles: SEO Vs AdWords

    Paid keywords grant more control of where your ads are placed, the spend per click and the overall message compared to organic SEO. It helps your brand to appear on pages you might not be able to organically rank for. As you start marketing for a brand or service, use SEM to test what placements are effective and identify which keywords actually convert for you. Once identified you can begin to build SEO strategies around them.
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  • SEO Battles: SEO Vs Brand

    SEO can be used as a brand marketing channel to push optimized content introducing a brand for people searching for topics in a search bar. Optimizing brand awareness for SEO increases the chances of being listed in the answer box and knowledge graphs, which is key to obtaining consumers who rarely click through content.
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  • SEO Battles: SEO Vs Facebook

    SEO searches are considered active endeavors compared to paid social which is typically encountered while passively browsing the Internet. Effectively applying paid social strategies require knowing who your target audience is so you can place the right ad in front of the right people. SEO’s benefit is revealing search intent in users, whether they’re in browse or buy mode, whereas social intent isn’t always clear.
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  • Traffic increase Traffic Decrease Searchmetrics

    Organic Traffic: Using Volatility as an SEO Opportunity

    Have you seen sudden organic traffic changes? Check out our tips for some inspiration on what you can do to make the most of change.
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  • Main SEO search results

    5 Tips for Fast SEO Search Results

    Want fast SEO search results? Read these powerful SEO tips and see short-term traffic increases.
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  • How to Evaluate Your B2B SEO Efforts

    Every successful B2B content marketing strategy ends with one essential process - Evaluation. Join host Ben as he concludes B2B SEO Week with Searchmetrics' Director of European Marketing Lillian Haase to talk about how you can, and should be, evaluating your SEO efforts to maximize your B2B impact and evaluate the success of your B2B content strategy.
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  • Optimizing and Updating Your Content for B2B Success

    Most content requires some technical tweaks or edits after publication to truly maximize any content piece's reach. SEO strategies and data acquisition are integral to these processes. Join host Ben as he continues B2B SEO week with Searchmetrics' Director of European Marketing Lillian Haase as they discuss how B2Bs can boost visibility and increase traffic by identifying SEO optimization opportunities in their content strategy.
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