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Searchmetrics takes part as exhibitor at the European Omniture Summit

Searchmetrics is the only German partner and solutions provider represented at the 2010 Omniture Summit Event in London. The leading provider of search analytics software for companies will take part in the European client and partner event for the first time. Before this, Searchmetrics participated in the Omniture Genesis Partner Program, one of the leading providers of online business optimization. The European Omniture Summit 2010, taking place May 20-21 is the European customer and partner event, at which around 1000 customers take part.

Searchmetrics will be demonstrating the integration of Omniture Site Catalyst with the Searchmetrics Suite. The Searchmetrics Suite is an SaaS software solution, allowing clients to record and analyze large amounts of data concerning website rankings, search keywords and evolving competitor groups. Through the offered service integration, Searchmetrics enables organizations to use their web analysis and search analytics solutions together for the first time.

Organizations benefit from increased control of their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and an optimized identification of new possibilities for customer websites. Searchmetrics clients receive more accurate information about site traffic and conversion rates. In comparison to other search analytics solutions that only use statistical estimates or the openly available information provided by search engines, Searchmetrics Suite users can now more effectively and exactly calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) of search engine optimization investments.

Siegfried Kunz, CEO of TOMORROW FOCUS Technologies GmbH, a Searchmetrics Elite Partner, welcomed the commitment from Searchmetrics in saying “Together, Omniture Site Catalyst and the Searchmetrics Suit form the basis of our services in the area of web analytics and search engine optimization. We have already begun to use the currently available integration of the services. From the collaboration between Omniture and Searchmetrics we can promise further improvements and additional functions. This will permit us to offer clients even more transparency regarding the efficacy of their search engine optimization budgets.”

Dr Horst Joepen, CEO of Searchmetrics GmbH, summed up by saying, “We look forward to the international exposure of our services to Omniture clients and partners and and are very happy to have qualified for the Omniture Genesis Program. We are the first German organization to meet the requirements of the program. This underlines the international relevance and acceptance of our search analytics software. The integrated version of our service is already available. This means that Omniture clients around the world can immediately begin to take advantage of our combined services.”