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Pulse: A Synergy of Bits and Brains Steepens Your Digital Learning Curve

At Searchmetrics, the software we produce to help customers rank online is as important as the people on our team who can help you make sense of it all.  As we launch the new Searchmetrics Digital Strategies Group, we talked to Tyson Stockton, Director of Services Enterprise, about the state of content marketing and why modern marketers should never stop learning. In this Pulse, we dive once again into what he’s learned from working with our clients to get the best out of our Searchmetrics Content Experience and Searchmetrics Search Experience software.


How well is digital marketing generally established today?

The topic of digital marketing is well known at this point, however, a clear understanding of what it actually entails remains ambiguous. People have become familiar with seeing digital ads and know that online traffic is critical to a modern businesses health, although the understanding of how digital marketing differs from traditional marketing channels and how data can be utilized as a competitive advantage remains less understood. In many cases, it is being treated as a traditional marketing practice and embracing the advantage of data and the evolving power it can provide is underutilized.

How do you conceive and establish a successful digital strategy?

Always be learning! Digital marketing is an extreme fast pace discipline and the strategies and tactics of today will not be the most successful tomorrow. Youcan not be complacent in repeating the same efforts and need to constantly challenge your efforts and the status quo if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

Take best practices from your industry and potentially from others. Although, you always need to be testing and validate your efforts with data. Best practices are a good starting point put as you implement changes you need to monitor how your website and target audience respond to optimize your efforts. Digital marketing strategies should follow a continuous improvement model and always be pushing to further improve and evolve.

When it comes to day-to-day work, it often appears that the majority of content on a lot of sites is not currently exposed and driving traffic, so that the volume of content vs content that is performing is relatively low. Nevertheless, there are always additional opportunities are areas to expand coverage and performance.

Furthermore, there is always room to further improve understanding of SEO across organizations, especially on the side of technical SEO, since on-page SEO, if any is often better understood although many are still looking at SEO in a traditional sense or where the industry has been vs where it is going.

Which challenges are marketers commonly facing?

A lot of marketers working in SEO and content marketing come across the challenge of scaling. We spent a lot of time working with clients on the identification of successful initiatives and help them to improve the communication within their organization.

This includes working more closely with the development team to set a profound technical basis, as well as communicating digital efforts to the leadership in order to bring the effects SEO and content marketing into the center of attention. To be able to do so, we often have to start at the beginning and make sure, that the teams have in-depth knowledge and required manpower on their respective fields, rather than outsourcing all digital efforts.

What is your advice for in-house marketers?

To create content that performs, bring data and creativity together

  • Utilize data – both internal and external
  • Do not have a set it and forget it mentality
  • Have a holistic approach to content rather than a one keyword one landing page approach.
  • Work close with your SEO team to make sure your content is discoverable and not limited from technical SEO issues.
  • Be creative. Search engines are understanding content better than ever before and it is opening new opportunities in content efforts than before.


Stay up to date in SEO and spread the word

  • Stay up to date with the latest Search Engine trends
  • Work close with your dev and product teams
  • Do not forget or neglect technical SEO
  • Build relationships. For SEO to be successful you need to work closely with various stakeholders and the ability to build relationships and collaboration between teams.
  • Data is your best friend. Pull from internal data (analytics, Crawl log files, etc.) and external data (rankings, site crawls, etc.) these are the pieces to understanding your site and efforts.

Bring your SEO and content efforts to the next level

Do any of the challenges sound familiar to you? Do you need strategic guidance to kick off your digital marketing strategy or just a little support to bring your SEO and content efforts to the next level? Talk to Tyson and his team – they are happy to help!


Meet the Searchmetrics Digital Strategies Group