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Need a Mobile App? Pick One from a Google App Pack


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Mobile search surpassed desktop search last April and hasn’t looked back.  The mobile discovery mechanism has changed too. Where once you were lucky to get discovered by being an Editor’s Pick in an app store or on a Top 10 list at Lifehacker and elsewhere, Google is taking steps to put search in the driver’s seat.

Currently one in ten mobile searches integrates app suggestions or “app packs”. Looking at the data for early 2016 we can clearly see that in the US, the share of results returning an app pack increased by over 60% in just four weeks – from less than 6% to close to 10%.

Increasing Proportion of App Pack Integration
Development of app pack integration share in mobile search

This growth will continue for a while, offering online marketers an excellent opportunity to increase app awareness, traffic and ultimately downloads. It also creates a huge a problem – how do marketers know if their app is ranking organically or ranking in an app pack? App packs command a lot of attention on mobile devices that have very little real estate.

To exploit this Google feature you need to be able to reliably track app performance in mobile search. Searchmetrics App Rankings, a brand new feature in the Searchmetrics Suite, does exactly this. By providing organic and paid search rankings and volumes for iOS and Android mobile applications, we help enterprises grasp the impact and the potential search performance of their mobile application and their competitors’.

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Searchmetrics Mobile App Rankings at a glance

  • Track search performance of iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Explore organic and paid search rankings and volumes
  • Compare app performance against competitors and benchmarks
  • See winners and losers as the market changes

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