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Making Moves in a Rapidly Growing Industry


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues his conversation with Searchmetrics’ Enterprise AE Adam Arnold to discuss the industries experiencing rapid growth in the COVID era. Together they discuss how to identify companies with growth potential and how SEO factors into it.

Content-focused companies that possess a deep understanding of their product, their customers and the questions they’re asking are able to better connect with their customers. Companies that understand what stage of the marketing funnel their customers are at and have the content to address them at every stage is a critical growth component.

Ecommerce and the home goods industry are performing exceptionally well throughout the pandemic as people seek to furnish and update their home spaces during shelter in place. Competition is also fierce in these industries, and applying technical website optimizations are essential to surpassing competitors.

Improving page load times, cleaning up internal linking and examining keyword performance can help ecommerce and home goods companies gain the competitive edge they need for long-term success. 

Tyson Stockton

Tyson Stockton

Tyson has over 10 years' experience in the digital marketing industry. As Vice President of Client and Account Management, Tyson manages the Enterprise Client Success team and SEO Consulting efforts at Searchmetrics. Tyson has worked with some of world’s largest enterprise websites including Fortune 500 and global eCommerce leaders. Prior to Searchmetrics, Tyson worked on the in-house side managing the SEO and SEM efforts of a collection of 14 sports specialty eCommerce companies in the US, Europe and Australia.

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