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How SEO and Influencer Marketing Work Together – Joe Sinkwitz // Intellifluence


Episode Overview:

In today’s episode host Ben Shapiro speaks with Intellifluence CEO Joe Sinkwitz for Influencer SEO Week, discussing how to utilize influencer marketing strategies to improve SEO performance. Together they explore how SEO and influencer marketing intertwine and work together.

Influencers range from well known celebrities like the Kardashian family and top social media platforms to lesser known, but impactful bloggers. Cultivating a relationship with influencer bloggers are the key to SEOs looking to significantly build and boost their traffic via links. Reaching out and building a relationship with influencers show you value their expertise, and they’re more likely to review your pitched product. This process is more efficient than a cold approach of just asking to buy a link on their blog.

Influencer reaction posts, whether on social media or YouTube, are high-return content pieces and are a great way to get your product in front of potential customers looking to compare similar product offerings. However, the success of your posts depend on whether you disclose if it’s a paid ad or not. Influencers who disclose that their post is a paid ad often generate high-click-through rates compared to non-disclosed posts. Additionally, disclosing that an ad is paid is more likely to avoid a Google search penalty.

Majestic scores are a great way to evaluate an influencer link and network for trust and ranking. Combining SEO with influencer marketing requires excellent relationship building, paid ad disclosure and evaluating influencers to determine if they match your brand mission and product purpose.