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Searchmetrics wishes Happy Christmas!


2012, and what a year it’s been for Searchmetrics and also for me. Last summer we presented Suite 6, got excellent feedback and won some great customers. We also made it good in the international arena. While we were a welcome speaker all over the world, our international success can also be seen from our customer structure, with over 50% of our customer base now outside the German-speaking countries. We succeeded in attracting a large number of international brands and agencies and now have over 40,000 paying customers using our software and data all over the world. Thank you for your trust in us.

This year we attended more conferences than ever, in the USA (New York, San Jose, San Francisco and Las Vegas), the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Serbia, Russia and a number of other countries. We had more international customer meetings than ever before and have learned a huge amount from our international customers. This also gave us an insight into different cultures, approaches and requirements in regard to SEO, and we hope that you will benefit from this in our software in the coming year. Surely there are not many online marketing companies that can claim to have had customer meetings and workshops in places as diverse as Detroit, Cupertino, San Jose, New York, London, Paris, Stockholm, Moscow, Istanbul, Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich in the space of just a few weeks. My own most demanding experience was a 30-page RFP, which I had the honor of working on and that I presented together with Jetlag in Cupertino.

I am proud of and grateful for the level of trust and acceptance shown for German engineering all around the world.

And internally as well, Searchmetrics has taken some major strides forward. In Tom we have found somebody who not only has a lot of experience but who also suits us just perfectly. The many new features and functions in the suite also make me very proud of our company. And so a huge thank-you to the whole team.

Meanwhile, what would Christmas be without gifts? So we would like to do something good for you again this year:

We’re giving you access to all the Essentials modules, all metrics and also to the Analysis subdomain – and even a complete project (so you can see for yourselves what the suite is capable of): We are giving you access to Searchmetrics Essentials. All users who have ordered Essentials or who have even just registered for it will receive the SEO analysis package, consisting of SEO, links and social networking elements free of charge. And that isn’t all: we’re also giving you access to a demo project within the suite. Now everyone can see why we are so proud of the suite.

This Christmas package includes the SEO/SEM modules, links, unrestricted social networking, and, with subdomain analysis, a function that only we offer in this way. And we’re adding something else as well: All users will have access to a “project” that we set up that monitors the data of the New York Times.This will give you an idea of what else can be seen only with the Searchmetrics Suite or with Essentials from the “Essentials Plus” level and above: Individual project visibility, deepened competition analysis, potential analysis and, of course, the on-page optimizer. What’s great and unique about our Searchmetrics Suite is that we use the same metrics for analysis in each case. It’s the same whether you are comparing visibility in Germany or in Malaysia. We are the only provider that makes this kind of comparison possible.

To help you prepare for it, here is some data about what Searchmetrics software can offer you:

  • 100 million keywords
  • 75 million domains
  • 18 countries with real-time SEO and universal search analysis
  • 123 countries with their own keywords, analyses and potentials
  • 150 billion links with state-of-the-art filter options
  • The latest and fastest visibility data, updating up to five times per week on all customer keywords
  • Local rankings in 50 cities
  • Keyword searching with traffic figures and integration of universal search snippets
  • Competition analyses for domains and subdomains
  • Visibility for domains, subdomains and folders and at project level
  • 9 trillion social signals from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • On-page analysis (technical and content) related to the keywords per URL
  • Shortcuts to the web analysis providers allowing you to import your traffic data into the Suite
  • and much more…

So Santa has been busy on your behalf this year.

And what do you have to do? Just register and you can get started! This promotion starts officially on December 24 and ends at 11:59 PM on December 31, but we will probably release it a day or two earlier. It’s a good idea to follow us on Facebook, where we will announce the start. Have fun!

By the way, we will also be glad to get any feedback and would be pleased to hear your suggestions for what we should be including in the software in 2013.Just write us a short note about what you’d like to see, and maybe your idea will appear in the software in the following year. After all, it is only through your feedback that the Suite has become what it is today…

Merry Data-Christmas!

Marcus and the Searchmetrics Team