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Determining an SEO Campaign’s Total Addressable Market (TAM) – Garrett Mehrguth // Directive Consulting


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he talks with Garrett MehrguthFounder and CEO of Directive Consulting, about how our SEO strategy can be approached from a general marketing perspective. Today’s conversation focuses specifically on understanding your total addressable market (TAM) as part of your overall search marketing approach. 

The first step in evaluating search marketing TAM is to change your mindset from how to rank my website to how to rank my brand. It’s important to think about succeeding in your category rather than trying to rank highly across the search landscape in general. Think about how discoverable the brand is within your realm. As Garrett mentions, you don’t need to take over the world, but only the accounts in your category. 

This focused approach also ensures that resources are dedicated and spent intelligently. Knowing the size and makeup of your market prevents the launch of low-quality, scaled-out tactics that provide less impact within a noisy space. Learn to wisely dedicate SEO resources to reach the right people (aka champions) at select accounts and with the right timing. Make SEO a part of the organizational strategy, not simply an operational tactic.