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Content Distribution Strategies That Impact SEO – Erin Sparks //


Episode Overview:

In today’s episode host Ben Shapiro speaks with’s President Erin Sparks to discuss how podcast content distribution can directly support your SEO efforts. Together they review how to best signal to Google that your podcast content is high value.

The key to podcast content distribution is to establish a steady, reliable publishing process. The publishing process differs depending on how much content a company can create within a window of time. Companies with large content production teams can easily scale to an episode a day, five days a week. Companies with smaller content production teams should focus on publishing one episode a week so they can scale properly.

Promoting podcast content can be organically achieved through quality guests and their brands. It’s common for companies to place a commercial podcast advertisement in the middle of the episode, but it can actually hinder distribution efforts. A brief, structured, yet conversational, mention of your podcast at the end of the episode sounds more natural to listeners.