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Visibility_14 – looking at the future of SEO

Next week the Searchmetrics Visibility_14 conference takes place in Chicago (July 16-18), bringing together some of the greatest minds in SEO, PPC, social and content to debate the changing face of search.

Driven by the evolution of Google’s search algorithm, the world of SEO is changing, moving from being a primarily technical discipline to becoming more strategic – and focusing more on optimized, high quality content. We think it’s exciting because it means SEO is becoming more central to how companies market themselves and their products – and it’s also a big change in how digital marketers and search professionals operate.

Visibility_14 will focus on the changes SEO is undergoing from the point of view of SEOs and digital marketers from CBS Interactive, Walgreens, GoDaddy, Verizon, Pinterest and eBay. The full agenda is here. Below is a sample of some of the sessions you can expect:

  • ‘Missed Connections: The Trouble with Short-Sighted Brand SEO’ – John J Curtis, Walgreens
  • ‘New gTLDs, Your Company, And Your SEO Efforts’ by Chuo-han Lee, Symantec
  • ‘Success Stories from the Front Line: Increasing Market Share with SEO-Inspired Design and Usability’ – Marla Johnson Norris, Aristotle
  • ‘Using Search to Guide Creativity: How Search Data can Direct your Content Marketing Program’ – David Dunne, Velocidi
  • ‘The evolution of SEO to SXO and the Future of Search’ – Marcus Tober, Searchmetrics
  • ‘PPC, The Profit-Driven Marketer: 5 Steps to Build a Profit Machine with AdWords’ – Bjorn Espenes, Finch

To be held at the W Chicago Lakeshore Hotel over two days, the event is aimed at providing digital marketers with the chance to discuss the latest SEO and content marketing trends and to network with their peers in an intimate, friendly environment.

The event also includes the launch of Searchmetrics Academy, our new certification program, on Wednesday, July 16. Attendees of Searchmetrics Academy will  be fully trained on using Searchmetrics Suite and will be able to obtain both Yellow and Green Belt certification in one day.

The Searchmetrics team is really excited to see you at Visiblity_14 in Chicago. For those who’ve not yet booked their tickets, there are still a few available – just visit to register.

Can’t make it? We’ll be tweeting live. Follow #Visibility_14