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The Client-Content Waltz: How Freelancers Can Future-Proof Your Agency – Steve Pockross & Paul Zalewski // Verblio


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues his conversation with Verblio CEO Steve Pockross and VP of Marketing Paul Zalewski about how to safeguard your business for the future with freelancers. Together they discuss how hiring freelancers in anticipation of your content marketing efforts ensures longevity for your company.

Although outsourcing content production to freelancers is a good idea, it’s best not to outsource every production task. Bottom-of-funnel content is best written by an in-house team as bottom funnel content requires deep, in-depth knowledge of your business. Case studies should be written by a long-term, in-house employee who knows your business best and can thoroughly speak to its achievements and benchmarks.

Your outsourcing focus should concentrate on hiring writers capable of fulfilling bulk orders. It’s a useful strategy for businesses in ecommerce who need thousands of product descriptions for their product catalog. Co-creation is a vital aspect of this process, where a company-freelancer liaison can provide editorial control, communicating the needs and direction of content to the writer and answer their questions.