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Mixed analysis data: ‘Searchmetrics Connect’ delivers SEO data

SEO is (also) the art of mixing different data together.

blogpostTools like the Searchmetrics Suite and Google Analytics really do help us to keep track every area with clear graphs. And anyone who wants to know more can export their data to Excel and mix it. But you always have to manually export and process it and the tables are inconvenient, error-prone, and already out-of-date by tomorrow.

This is why an overall perspective is always more important. Right now, the data from the Traffic Analysis and the Search Analysis belong together. At some point, you might want to know how much traffic is really coming from that top-keyword, since it finally reached number one. And maybe we   want to extend our Backlink Analysis using the ‘Referring websites’ report from Analytics…

For a while now, SEO has no longer been simply Google optimization but rather web optimization.

Although the Searchmetrics Suite has helped us with the integration of some of our data from the most important tools, (Google Analytics, Omniture Web Analysis, eTracker) – this still only goes in one direction. Or rather, it went only in one direction.

Searchmetrics now also allows coded connection to their data center – with ‘Searchmetrics Connect’. To begin with it’s a really easy to use API – but also aimed at all the tool providers out there who ‘integrate’ Searchmetrics data.

Searchmetrics Connect
Searchmetrics collects the the traffic data from Google Analytics, Omniture Web Analysis and eTracker. Now it

Very quickly, the formalities for ‘Searchmetrics Connect‘: every Searchmetrics client has access to this API and can, according to the range of their requested package ‘Basic’, ‘Premium’, or ‘Ultimate’, access it according to their mood and desire. Technology partners are also invited to work with with this new service. Then why don’t I have the positions for my keyword in my web analysis software or bid management? And why haven’t I immediately dumped the threshold keywords in the CMS dashboard as a workflow assignment for editing?

Or even some smaller requests: anyone responsible for SEO in a large organization, should consider whether or not they would automatically sample their Audit Score for reporting or insert the current average marginal costs for link building.

Here is a partial list of data currently available through Searchmetrics Connect:

  • ranks: Indicators like the Searchmetrics Value Rank, Alexa etc.
  • auditscore: The data from the AuditScore
  • indexedpages: The number of pages for a domain
  • backlinkcount, socialmedia: The number of backlinks and social media services
  • backlinks, backlinkoverview: a variety of data concerning backlinks
  • mykeywordspositions, keywordpositions: different types of keyword positions
  • relatedkeywords: similar keywords



And this isn’t everything – because the guys in Berlin are still working hard and will happily listen to the wishes of current partners and potential technology partners. (I could share my first wish now and really, I’m looking forward to… ah… but we’ll talk about that later…)

So: Searchmetrics Partners (plus tool vendors and those who’d like to join them) sign up in an orderly fashion and check it out at your leisure. I would be extremely happy to hear about your plans and experiences. Happily in private via e-mail or DM as well.

P.S.: Who’s writing this stuff? My name is Eric Kubitz and I am one of the co-founders of CONTENTmanufaktur GmbH Anyone trying to reach me can do so via e-mail ( or on Twitter. ‘Til next time!