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Introducing our new partner program

Searchmetrics Partner program Overview

Today, we are officially announcing our new partner program. With more than 150 companies already a part of our global partner network, we wanted to provide our partners with greater benefits to meet their needs. We have restructured our program to provide clear and defined levels and benefits – including up to a 30% discount on software.

Our partner program is divided into three new levels: “service”, “premium” and “elite”. The “service partner” is an entry-level partnership with no commitment and provides companies with basic benefits. Companies seeking a mutual relationship will find our midlevel partnership, “premium”, favorable. And for a deeper integrated partnership, “elite partners” will have the opportunity to influence the future of Searchmetrics and take part in exclusive networking events.

We have also enhanced the partner login on our site to provide greater insights and information. Here, partners can find how-to-guides, exchange insights, and a partner certification. The certification is a logo, “Searchmetrics Trusted Partner”. And of course, you will still be able to find the calculator there. To login, simply use the same access as before, often called calculator login.

In addition to the improvements in the partner login, we have also enriched our previous field “Sales Territories” and renamed it to “Find Partner”. In the “Find Partner” section, there is a search function to help clients find the right companies and we are now allowing (depending on the partner level) for companies to display additional information to promote their business.

By joining the partner program, companies will benefit from the expertise of Searchmetrics and other partners in the network.

Become a Searchmetrics Partner today!