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How to Work With Influencers to Drive SEO Results – Joe Sinkwitz // Intellifluence


Episode Overview:

In today’s episode host Ben Shapiro continues Influencer SEO Week with Intellifluence CEO Joe Sinkwitz discussing how to manage influencer relationships to maximize SEO impact. Setting clear expectations with an influencer on your brand’s needs is the first step to managing a successful relationship.

Creating a clear outline of do’s and don’ts and sharing examples of good and bad posts during your first pitch sets your influencer up for success. Although you may be off to a great start, you need to be prepared for a negative review of your product by an influencer. Genuinely heed the influencer’s advice and expertise and implement their suggested improvements. Saying something as simple as, “We listened to your advice and implemented improvements. Can you review it and tell us what you think?” Can lead to a positive review and genuinely improve your product for the better.

The next aspect of managing your relationship is to analyze their performance using the link of their review of your product. This process ensures you’re following up to see if they’re including your link in social media posts and to track whether other variables, like using curse words in a post, may be negatively affecting search traffic. 

Staying engaged with your influencer is key to maintaining responsiveness and ensures longevity in your business partnership.