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Will Digital Marketing Recover in 2021? – Doug Bell // Searchmetrics


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues his conversation with Searchmetrics’ CMO Doug Bell about whether digital marketing will trend toward recovering in 2021. Together they discuss what to expect in terms of the changes that occurred this year heading into next year.

Although the economy has rebounded in certain respects, the full brunt of the downturn is yet to occur. Doug states there is an average three to six month lag before marketing spending rebounds even if the economy were to recover overnight. Despite slashed marketing budgets, advertising needs have also dwindled reducing the costs of paid ads making it an optimal time to invest in paid endeavors.

As reliance on automated marketing processes increases, companies will continue to optimize their existing assets headed into 2021. This process allows companies to better manage smaller budgets while maximizing the use of their digital assets. 

Although marketing will recover, the marketing industry is forever changed. Marketers will likely focus more of their efforts on high performing channels that work for their brand instead of trying to cover all marketing bases in the future.