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Where to Find Influencers to Boost SEO Performance – Joe Sinkwitz // Intellifluence


Episode Overview:

In today’s episode host Ben Shapiro continues Influencer SEO Week with Intellifluence CEO Joe Sinkwitz discussing how to find the right influencers to boost your SEO performance. Together they discuss the best online tools and methods to source influencers.

NinjaOutreach is one of the earliest influencer sourcing tools and although it’s useful, it’s a scraped database and cold outreach tool. GroupHigh and SparkToro from Rand Fishkin are more useful tools to combine and utilize while sourcing influencers. As you source influencers it’s important to consider the channels they use and who has a meaningful amount of reach for your brand.

It’s best to start your sourcing by selecting the categories that are closest to your brand, then select blogs as a network. Choose low cost options that can quickly help you achieve low hanging fruit, and scale upward in cost as your traffic grows. Micro-influencers are just as valuable as celebrity influencers, and their audience is generally more focused and pays closer attention to their content.

Maintaining a portfolio of micro-influencers with diverse, yet category aligned audiences can often provide just as much reach as an expensive celebrity influencer.