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Using Searchmetrics SEO Market Share to your advantage

Do you know what your SEO Market Share is or how it can impact your business?

In May we released an update to our software and introduced Searchmetrics SEO Market Share. The SEO Market Share helps businesses to understand their reach in the marketplace and answer questions like, who am I competing against and how do I estimate my true share of visibility?

This new feature gives you the opportunitiy to see what portion of the market you own against the benchmarks you have set and the percentage of your visibility in relation to the overall market. Below is an example of the set benchmarks and the remaining market share.

Searchmetrics SEO Market Share

This is an important benefit in order to understand how you are really competiting against the set competition. An additional advantage, is the ability to view your organic competitors. For example, if you are a retail site selling graphic tees, you could be competiting against, shopping images, media sites, other online retail sites and so on. The retail site maybe unaware of who these competitors are and what their visibility is. With Searchmetrics SEO Market Share, you are able to see who they are and how they are performing against you.

Key benefits of the SEO Market Share are:
• Estimate market share of visibility
• The ability to use tags to compare your market share
• Explore hidden opportunities
• Identify both traditional and organic competitors
• Benchmark against the competition

For more information on how to get started with Searchmetrics SEO Market Share, check out this tutorial now: “How to use the Searchmetrics SEO Market Share?

Want to see your SEO Market Share? The SEO Market Share is available in the Searchmetrics Suite.