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Transitioning from Agency to In-House SEO – Sebastian Edgar // Square


Episode Overview:

In today’s episode host Ben Shapiro speaks with Square’s SEO Lead Sebastian Edgar about his transition from working as an SEO consultant to an in-house SEO lead. Sebastian reveals unique insights about the SEO consultant experience and how moving in-house provided more agency and resources to handle all aspects of the company SEO implementation process.

For Sebastian one of the main difficulties working as an SEO consultant was only being provided certain levels of access to external company resources. The move to in-house gave Sebastian more responsibility and complete access to the resources needed to effectively implement SEO initiatives. One aspect that eased Sebastian’s transition to in-house SEO was talking about SEO from a market share business perspective. It eliminates the technical complexity of SEO and communicates its direct business impact to other departments within the company.

SEO is often categorized as a part of organic channel growth within companies compared to consultant agencies, where in-depth metrics are used more often when communicating with clients. As the search industry prioritizes understanding user intent, companies better understand SEO’s place in greater marketing strategies. The ability to communicate the importance of user intent to stakeholders within a company is crucial to in-house success, and consultant work is an excellent place to improve those communication skills. 

Communication skills learned as a consultant can help newly transitioned in-house SEOs better advocate for the resources they need to complete projects and initiatives.