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The Road to the Search Visibility Super Bowl

Well sports fans, it’s time for another season on the grid-iron. When the hardened fans and bandwagon jumpers alike don their colors for battle. While the ultimate prize won’t be snatched up for many months, we thought it would be a fun exercise to see who’d triumph in the more important venue; Search Visibility.

Over the next few days we’ll be publishing the road to the championship based on how prevalent the teams websites are in the world of search and social (more and more part of the SERP display landscape). Who will come out on top? Who’s got the kick-ass search marketing team? Who’s the most social? We shall see.

The Road to the Search Visibility Super Bowl

The Metrics

For starters, don’t get all worked up. This is not meant to be some kind of meaningful study. We’re just having some fun with data. Ok? Here’s what I used;

SEO Visibility – the Searchmetrics scoring system that looks at over-all presence of a domain in the SERPs. This metric was certainly a core metric of importance that was highly valued.

This includes;

  • search volume (ie how often people are searching for a keyword or phrase)
  • how often and which position (ie ranking) a domain/web site appears
  • whether the ranking keywords are navigational or informational.
  • the statistical value of traffic distribution.

Super Bowl 2012: SEO Visibility

I have a more detailed description of this coming out next week here. Be sure to subscribe.

Social Visibility – another one that’s a bit of a no brainer. If it is social postings and accounts that are in the SERPs or the fact that social elements affect rankings (especially in the logged in state), social is something that has it’s place in the search result landscape.

Super Bowl 2012: Social Spread

Universal Elements – another thing we know is that the concepts related to click bias (that users click top listings more than lower ones) can be overcome to a degree with universal listings (images, video, news etc). Here we valued ‘news‘ and ‘videos‘ over ‘images‘ and ‘maps‘, over the last 12 months. I scored this on a 1-10 scale for visibility.

Super Bowl 2012: Social media visibility

Paid Visibility – this looks at the presence of the domain from the standpoint of paid advertising. It wasn’t as heavily weighted as SEO Visibility, but worth having in the mix as it is indeed part of the SERP landscape. This was our lowest valued metric.

Now that we had our metrics, it was time to get the teams in and see how they stacked up!



Game ON!

First off, let’s look at all the teams. Who’s a lock for the playoffs? How’s the wildcard matches shaping up? The anticipation is just killing me.

AFC search visibility

AFC Teams;

In the AFC, the world of social was weaker (than the NFC) with the Steelers and Ravens having the strongest presence. The East division had the strongest SEO visibility ratings and the Patriots in particular, having the best balance. The AFC South was the weakest division of the three but at least the Colts made up some limited ground with the strongest paid search showing in the conference. While the Bronco’s managed to make it to the playoffs, I doubt they’ll be strong enough to contend.

AFC North SEO Visibility Paid Visibility Social Visibility Universal Domain
Pittsburgh Steelers 25,207 22 1,973,086 6 Website
Baltimore Ravens 10,914 0 1,190,926 7 Website
Cincinnati Bengals 7,552 0 173,401 6 Website
Cleveland Browns 6,992 0 249,826 6 Website


AFC South SEO Visibility Paid Visibility Social Visibility Universal Domain
Indianapolis Colts 7,421 55 365,114 4 Website
Tennessee Titans 6,729 0 253,090 2 Website
Houston Texans 5,850 3 236,645 3 Website
Jacksonville Jaguars 3,396 0 139,896 5 Website


AFC East SEO Visibility Paid Visibility Social Visibility Universal Domain
New England Patriots 19,223 40 531,046 2 Website
New York Jets 14,533 0 210,618 4 Website
Miami Dolphins 13,029 2 261,767 5 Website
Buffalo Bills 6,353 0 283,162 2 Website


AFC West SEO Visibility Paid Visibility Social Visibility Universal Domain
Denver Broncos 11,400 0 227, 132 3 Website
San Diego Chargers 9,873 177 500,406 6 Website
Oakland Raiders 9,338 0 1,502,414 8 Website
Kansas City Chiefs 7,975 0 571, 246 7 Website

Division Champs; Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts.

Wildcard teams;
Baltimore Ravens & Miami Dolphins (Dolphin’s were deeper than the Jets overall)


NFC search visibility

NFC Teams;

Over in the NFC, the North division was extremely strong on the social front, as well as SEO visibility. The NFC East was also strong in SEO, but a bit behind on the social scene. Sadly the Southern division lagged behind other than the Saints, who had some reasonable social traction. Most of them weren’t strong on paid search presence, except for the Giants, who seem to be more than a little active.

NFC North SEO Visibility Paid Visibility Social Visibility Universal Domain
Green Bay Packers 28,366 0 1,073,519 8 Website
Minnesota Vikings 22,638 0 574,512 4 Website
Chicago Bears 18,786 0 474,983 3 Website
Detroit Lions 10,745 0 1,296,982 3 Website


NFC South SEO Visibility Paid Visibility Social Visibility Universal Domain
New Orleans Saints 13,755 0 769,015 5 Website
Carolina Panthers 8,610 0 353,868 7 Website
Atlanta Falcons 8,448 0 246,763 2 Website
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6,220 0 238,212 5 Website


NFC East SEO Visibility Paid Visibility Social Visibility Universal Domain
Dallas Cowboys 32,734 0 659,282 9 Website
Philadelphia Eagles 20,422 58 603,824 6 Website
New York Giants 18,821 466 833,376 3 Website
Washington Redskins 13,458 1 755,876 6 Website


NFC West SEO Visibility Paid Visibility Social Visibility Universal Domain
San Francisco 49’ers 12,245 0 1,076,203 9 Website
St Louis Rams 11,208 0 140,504 4 Website
Seattle Seahawks 7,913 3 425,397 6 Website
Arizona Cardlinals 7,877 0 158,494 6 Website

Division Champs; Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco, New Orleans Saints

Wildcard teams;
Philadelphia Eagles & Minnesota Vikings


It’s playoff time!

I know, fast season right? We’ve come to the end of another grueling season and things have rounded into form quickly. The match-ups are set and the band-wagon jumpers are surely changing allegiances as we speak.

Be sure to join us tomorrow for the AFC and NFC playoffs (two posts) as well as the Big Game, on Wednesday. Along the way I’ll also start to show you what any of this might actually mean. Beyond just being fun to do.

Super Bowl 2012: Who will win the Search Visibility?

Do you think you know who’s gonna’ win? I dare ya to try (leave a comment). There may be a few surprises ahead. I can say that much. We might even have to pull some other data out of the bag to decide some overtime sessions. Grab our feed – and I’ll see you there!