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SEO vs PPC: Pros & Cons – Damon Burton // SEO National


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he speaks with SEO National President Damon Burton about the pros and cons of SEO and PPC. Together they clarify the differences between both channels. 

SEO and PPC both have value in digital marketing campaigns and can address consumers at various levels in the marketing funnel. The leading benefit for SEO is it’s a budget friendly endeavor that pays off in the long run, generating long-term benefits once applied. One of the cons of SEO is the lead time to gaining long-term benefits takes much longer than PPC.  

A leading benefit for PPC is that it helps companies, namely small-margin businesses, gain a competitive edge in branded terms. PPC’s ROI is fast, which guarantees quick leads but also eats up a significant part of marketing budgets, whereas SEO has lower investment costs. Once the necessary assets have been allocated to SEO efforts, it turns into a profitability cycle that yields positive returns year after year. Every business will need to apply PPC to some initiatives, but it depends on the product, timing and industry.