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SEO Strategy for Youtube – Anatolii Ulitovskyi // SEOtools.TV 


Episode Overview

Join host Ben as he talks again with Anatolii Ulitovskyi, CEO of SEO Tools TV and a LinkedIn influencer with over 50,000 followers. The conversation today focuses on SEO strategy for YouTube and how Anatolii built his successful SEO and marketing YouTube channel. 

Despite having been around for over 15 years, YouTube still holds many opportunities as it’s less saturated than Google and LinkedIn. This is due to the fact the video creation and editing require significantly more investment than text-based content creation. However, Anatolii suggests focusing on creating value while leaving the technical parts to freelancers for hire. 

YouTube is a great channel to build brand awareness, and Anatolii takes a similar approach here as he does for LinkedIn: publish frequently, be consistent, host events, and ABC – always be commenting. Your content plan should begin with searching for relevant topics showing a lack of quality content. You can also take great blog posts from sites that don’t have a YouTube presence as inspiration for video content (with attribution, of course). And with each video produced, strive to improve so that over time your videos are as professional as possible.