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SEO Planning: Creating a Flexible SEO Roadmap – Jordan Koene // Searchmetrics


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues SEO Planning Week with Searchmetrics’ Strategist and Advisor Jordan Koene discussing how to create a flexible SEO roadmap. Together they talk about the actual process of pulling the right pieces together to ensure you’re executing the SMART goals you’ve created.

Creating a roadmap is not only understanding the activities you’re going to perform and what order they’re going to occur. It requires understanding their dependencies and how your roadmap reflects what’s happening with your team and the impact on the rest of the organization. Establishing key milestones within your roadmap ensures you’re staying on top of your goals and tracking your progress.

If your efforts aren’t driving the necessary results, you may need to change your goal or initiative. Course correcting your roadmap isn’t unusual, especially if you’re having a strong quarter when things suddenly change. Countless variables can impact your goals and initiatives. Staying flexible with your roadmap and being able to identify the cause of changes is key to implementing course adjustments with your roadmap.

It’s best to keep your milestones flexible so you’re able to course correct as needed without losing momentum and confidence in your initiatives.