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SEO News: Old players, Facebook and numbers you can hardly believe

Hello again and welcome to the Searchmetrics weekly round up. It was a fairly calm week last week, a lot of my colleagues being at the SEO Day in cologne. Me? Slave to the office. So lets start in with what was of interest from the week past.


  • Is Yahoo coming back? Marissa Mayer has a lot of ideas and I think she can really do it. Its gonna be a interesting to see if she can bring back Yahoo to it’s former glory. A small tip from my side:  make sure that you have added Yahoo and Bing in the Searchmetrics Suite in your projects. There might be some less than obvious potential there. Even if you get less traffic from Yahoo, it all adds up.
  • Interested in online marketing, even a little? Then this should be a mandatory download. Its the Q3 2012 Global Digital Advertising Update and has a plethora of data about online commercials, ecommerce. One interesting example is the fact that the Facebook Brand engagement went up by 898%.. Woah, thats huge..
  • Disavow seems to work; At least Tim Grice from SEOWIZZ seems to think so. He has 4 examples on his Blog that show how reporting links to Google can impact rankings. Just take a look and also read up on some recent Matt Cutts tips about the tool itself.
  • Want to know even more about Pinterest? If you still want to know more after reading our article, then try here or this one. Pinterest has just moved into the top 50 websites list with more than 25 mil visitors each month, a marketing channel you simply can’t ignore any more.
  • Finally Matt Cutts was talking about a topic that we found interesting: where do citations end and where does duplicate content start? He says that you should mark citations, otherwise they could harm your reputation. That already seems to have also reached some politicians at least 😉

Here are our next conference appearances:

  • 1.11. UK Search Awards (Searchmetrics is nominated)
  • 6.11. NOAH Conference London (Marcus as Speaker)
  • 8.11. Race Conference Moskau (Marcus and Matthias as Speaker)
  • 23.11. SEOKomm Salzburg (Marcus and Kathrin as Speaker)

So it seems that the topic of links is still hot and that Google is still surprising us with new features worth talking about. If you want to grow your traffic sources with an alternative to SEO, then you might want to have a look at this infographic about email usage, because a cool newsletter can also bring lots of traffic an conversions, and that is what it is all about, right?

Anything we missed or you would like to see here? Just let us know 😉