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SEO Battles: SEO Vs Brand – Lillian Haase // Searchmetrics


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues SEO Battles Week with Searchmetrics’ Director of European Marketing Lillian Haase discussing the difference between SEO and brand marketing. Together they break down brand marketing into two parts.

One part is generating the “Feel,” of a brand and how consumers perceive that feeling a brand gives. The other part is the actual process of driving awareness and creating brand affinity. Brand marketing’s traditional channels of TV, radio and billboards mainly drive brand exposure and consumers then seek out a brand’s products. 

Billboards aren’t as reliable as SEO, as impressions and conversions can vary per person and how often they’re exposed to it in their everyday life. SEO offers real-time evaluation but takes time to build into a fully effective channel. SEO can be used as a brand marketing channel to push optimized content introducing a brand for people searching for topics in a search bar. Optimizing brand awareness for SEO increases the chances of being listed in the answer box and knowledge graphs, which is key to obtaining consumers who rarely click through content.

Although brand marketing generally differs from SEO, the power of SEO can still be leveraged to increase performance marketing and brand awareness.