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Seizing SEO Opportunities from Google’s New Shopping Experience

Google released their yearly top-searched product list in connection with an update to their Google Shopping experience and revealed product search data within their search engine.

Data compiled by Google displays the top-trending products over the course of the first three weeks in October 2019. The products are organized into eight categories:

  • Accessories and apparel
  • Gaming
  • Home goods
  • Kitchen gear
  • Personal care
  • Sports and fitness
  • Tech
  • Toys and games

A representative from Google stated that they released the data to help shoppers stay ahead of the latest shopping search trends during the holiday season, but as savvy SEOs utilizing this information we can help seize opportunities beyond the holiday season and well into 2020. Let’s take a look at sizeable SEO opportunities within reach.

Accessories and Apparel

It’s no surprise to see shoes and boots dominating the list as winter weather takes hold in the U.S.. One brand that appeals to both fashion and functionality is LeBron James’ Nike brand shoes, which made it to the third spot. What may initially appear as a hypercompetitive holiday term can be broken down into capturable opportunities. When we analyze the keyword term’s competitiveness, we see the following:

The keyword spread shows there’s plenty of low CPC value keywords with high search volume numbers that are ripe for the taking. The following ranking opportunity keywords are great options to optimize your content with:

  • LeBron James shoes
  • LeBron lifestyle shoes
  • LeBrons shoes
  • LeBron shoes list
  • Nike LeBron shoes for sale
  • Men’s LeBron shoes

Even the low-cost CPC term “original LeBron shoes,” can net an easy 114 views. Removing the Nike product brand name from the aforementioned terms shows how you can still optimize your content and capture a massive amount of traffic.

Home Goods

In this example, LOREN Loloi Rugs, which are traditionally hand woven by artisans in India, is trending at the fourth spot. When we search for this term with future seasonality added as a variable, we uncover hidden potential.

While winter and spring have some search volume to them, the following summer terms have a massive collective search volume of 16,936:

  • Loloi area rugs
  • Where to buy Loloi rugs
  • Area rug companies

The spring search term “Loloi outdoor rugs,” indicates a handful of people are searching to furnish their outdoor areas as the weather changes. It’s crucial to consider the seasonal value and user intent behind some of these terms now and to start optimizing content to prepare for and fulfill the needs of future customers in upcoming seasons.

Toys and Games

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a new, hot holiday item and its predecessor the standard Nintendo Switch has been a Black Friday staple the last three years, appearing in the top three spots of Google’s yearly products lists three consecutive times. The Lite is a more affordable, compact console users can play on the go, but lacks the full robust features of the standard Switch. Let’s analyze the “Nintendo Switch Lite” keyword and examine its semantic associations:

Here we see high search volume attributed with the keywords “Nintendo Switch,” “Switch,” and “Nintendo Switch console.” These keywords are highly competitive, but a neighboring keyword cluster provides ample opportunity. The keywords:

  • New Nintendo games console
  • New Nintendo console

Optimizing or creating new content around these keywords is a great way to capture a piece of relatively untapped traffic and establish brand presence among that search audience.

Informational keyword terms like “Nintendo Switch Lite reviews,” and “Nintendo Switch Lite case,” indicate people are seeking to learn more about the console and what accessories are available to pair with it. It’s important to keep in mind that “gaming console accessories,” and “game console reviews,” are great keyword sets to optimize your webpages and content with and capture other search traffic segments.

Identifying and Seizing SEO Opportunities for 2020

In our final analysis we found more than half of the search terms listed in Google’s eight product categories had more than 10,000 searches in one month. Fifty percent of those products appeared in their respective category list more than once.

What we see here is a lot of the brands that make it onto these lists have cyclical releases. Apple’s reliable yearly releases with new iPhone iterations, accessories and other gadgets guarantee one of their products will always make it on the list. The same can be said for video game franchises like the popular first-person shooter Call of Duty that sees a new game released every year toward the end of Q3 or beginning of Q4. LeBron James’ lifetime endorsement deal with Nike ensures the shoe giant will continue producing James brand shoes for years to come, increasing the chances of the brand appearing on next year’s lists.

Consumers who follow these brands know to expect a new release around the same time each year. Although competition will be high for keywords like “New iPhone,” “New Nike LeBron shoes,” and “New Call of Duty game,” this season, the data we collected shows there’s plenty of potential and opportunity for related keywords to use next holiday season in 2020 such as:

  • New smartphone release
  • New shooting game
  • Fall video games
  • New LeBron shoes
  • Holiday smartphone specials
  • Lifestyle LeBron shoes

Also, factoring for other variables like the seasonality of certain terms and the semantic value of keywords related to popular holiday search terms can better inform keyword choices and help capture considerable traffic throughout the year.